Mindful Path to Sustainability

  • Are we doing enough to bring back environmental/ecological balance by just trusting industries and companies to do their part, or are we missing a big piece of the puzzle?
  • Are we integrating resource recovery/restoration of the earth’s defined resources? Resources have been extracted or stripped or logged at a rapid rate based on illogical assumptions of renewability/immortality to keep the economy running (over-projecting demands to exploit resources, then building a false sense of need and insecurity to sell those goods)?
  • Amidst gaining convenience at our fingertips and getting customized solutions for every single purchase or every article on the internet, are we conscious of the impacts that the data warehouses are causing to the environment, or are we going to wait till the consequences are evident to drop our ignorance?
  • When minting money to decrease a country’s debt is considered damaging to the economy in terms of borrowing from the future, how can resource extraction/depletion (minting resources from the earth’s finite bank) to feed our dependency of materialistic products not be considered as damaging to the economy or the environment of the future?
Image Courtesy — Patagonia
From a post on LinkedIn by Loop after Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday
  • How much do I know about the product I’m planning to buy or have purchased?
  • Do I really need (not want) this item so badly that I want to have it shipped from halfway across the world?
  • How many days, weeks, months or years will I own and use it efficiently?
  • Where will the product end-up in 5–10 years after I dispose it? If buying for short-term use, is it eco-friendly, and does the price/resource used to make the product justify its resourcefulness?
  • How do I reduce my footprint daily? Some ideas to begin with:




Sustainability Data Scientist with proven expertise in life cycle assessment.

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Ranjani Theregowda

Ranjani Theregowda

Sustainability Data Scientist with proven expertise in life cycle assessment.

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